Photo of the C-suite - Martin Beecroft, Mel Wiese, and Gavin Bain


We are an ambitious, professional creative collective that leaves their ego at the door.

Our leadership

Martin Beecroft - CCO, Melanie Wiese - CSO, Gavin Bain - CEO.

Meerkats is purpose led and culture driven. We know the value of our people and their people, and we try to look after both. At Meerkats, these benefits are real, and they make us who we are. Ask any of our people to find out more.


Meerkats offers flexibility across all departments in full time and part time roles. Work here, work somewhere else, work from home. If it works for you and your team, we’re all for it.

At Meerkats, flexibility isn’t an apologetic dream that actually means ‘sometimes you can leave on time’. It’s something we actually do from the CEO, down.

Putting it in writing

Meerkats has formal policies around sexual harassment, diversity, parenting leave, mentoring, employee referral bonuses. We have formal job descriptions, conduct through annual reviews and project performance reviews through the year. If you don’t know where you stand, you’re welcome to ask. But you usually do.


If your brand wants to grow, it needs to talk to all Australians. As an agency, that means we’re aiming to reflect Australia’s rich diversity in our employees. When we all share different perspectives, we’re able create better, more creative solutions, for more people. Diversity drives creativity, which drives profit. To support better diversity at Meerkats, we audit and disclose the diversity of our people in the hope other businesses will, too.

Diversity infographic
Diversity infographic

"By providing me with the most truly flexible environment I've ever worked in, enabling me to balance work and family life. As a mother I feel welcome here, there's no tut tutting when I have to leave early to deal with some family drama"

Real staff member: Meerkats (anonymous) diversity survey

Know better, do better

We’re always looking to optimise our employee culture, so we survey our staff regularly. By finding out where we’re advancing our purpose and where we’re letting employees enhance theirs, our cultural engagement remains a high priority work in progress. It currently sits at 90%.

Loyalty Bonus Leave - Meerkats rewards loyalty with two extra days off for every three years’ service, to a maximum of an extra week per year.

Volunteer Days - One day per year to give back to your community, whatever that means to you.

Family Day - Once a year we bring all Meerkats families together to see what we actually do, meet each other and have some fun.

"Meerkats culture is amongst the best in the industry, we have people from every continent in the world. This is also evident in the food choices we make, although I must say we have a large bias towards dumplings and burgers.”

Real staff member: Meerkats (anonymous) diversity survey
Mike and Ronnie

In the beginning

In 2004, Brand Planner Ronnie Duncan and Creative Director Mike Edmonds were worried (more than usual). A new breed of super-connected consumer was beginning to see through conventional advertising techniques, rendering them increasingly ineffectual.

For months they beavered away in a little wooden shed in Freo… and emerged as Meerkats.

While a lot of companies responded with ever-more elaborate ways to interrupt people, Meerkats built its entire offering on one word.