Why we do what we do

Our purpose is to pursue a better form of capitalism by liberating the commercial potential of human motivation.

True purpose may sound worthy, but it’s really just about helping companies realise and realign to the real reason they are in business. We believe that growth and commercial success comes from motivating employees and consumers. Before humans are motivated to think or act, they feel. And companies can’t make people feel something just by telling them to.

In the modern world of transparent and instant information, truth is the ultimate motivator of people. Unlocking the true purpose of people within a company gives the business a head start: instead of figuring out what they have to do to make money, they figure out what their staff really want to do, how it will really help people and, therefore, how to be successful.

We believe that companies can’t motivate humans to do or buy anything when their motive is purely money or growth. So we help companies to identify, align, embody and communicate their true purpose. We help them transform into an organisation that creates success from the things that truly get their workforce and their consumers out of bed in the morning.