Capricorn CX Strategy

How automotive disruption led to new customer experiences.

Capricorn is an automotive industry cooperative facing mass industry disruption. Mechanics are already having difficulty correctly diagnosing vehicles because they are increasingly high tech, and there’s so many more makes and models to understand. The disruption is only going to get worse with electric and autonomous vehicles coming into the market. The need to adapt and be nimble enough to stay at the front of the development curve, is crucial for the cooperative’s future.

The opportunity for Capricorn is to get even closer to their members and help them through this industry transformation. Meerkats worked on the CX project that involved engaging with mechanics, panel beaters, transmission specialists and electrical mechanics across Australia and New Zealand.

By consulting with employees and using our unique CX approach, we discovered 5 personas, 5 user journeys and 44 opportunities for new products and services to improve their member experience. We embedded the personas and CX findings with 120 of their sales staff at their annual conference on the Gold Coast with a series of hands-on learning and co-creation experiences.

The personas are now a part of the Capricorn family vernacular. So much so that the expectation is high to implement the opportunities that were discovered and quantified in the surveys we ran. We are currently working with Capricorn to make this happen.

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