Synergy Touch and Learn Energy Tool

Using touch and play to change energy behaviour.

Many Western Australians are experiencing difficulty in managing their energy bills. While some are active in seeking ways to reduce their bills, others don’t even know where to start. Ultimately, this has resulted in Synergy being in the difficult position of trying to help people manage their financial stress.

We were engaged to help develop a playful, data-driven experience that gave Synergy customers a better understanding of how they consumed energy.

Leaning into the problem to find solutions.

The self-discovery experience sought to engage with their frustrations, rather than shying away from them. Using an interactive ‘play and learn’ manner, we set about educating customers about their usage in order to empower them to make smarter decisions.

We created an interactive display that encouraged users to self-select information. Each time the user engaged, they were encouraged to go further. The end result was a set of results that showed them how they could make a positive impact on their energy bills.

Often the results were met with astonishment and we saw a significant shift in customer attitude – Synergy as problem solver, rather than problem generator.

The data we collected in both digital interaction and above-the-line communications enabled Synergy to provide more personalised advice on its energy products and services.

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