Water Corporation EX/CX Space

Encouraging internal co-creation and innovation.

Water Corporation’s leadership team had a challenge. They recognised the growing innovative culture in the organisation was starting to create value for the business, but the projects were spread far and wide across the organisation. This meant teams weren’t able to share their learning. What’s more, the Executive weren’t being exposed to the value of the work, which meant support for future projects wasn’t as pervasive as it could be.

Connecting people through place.

We were asked to create an environment that served to achieve a number of outcomes. A physical space that showcased employee innovation and customer-focused work. One that encouraged future thinking and sparked ideation, as well as being a place that was customer friendly, fun and educational. We came up with the EX/CX hub.

Intelligent solutions to ignite collaboration.

A unique experience was created to spark creativity and collaboration via a range of tools and processes purpose-made for the hub. We developed an approach to bring the Water Corporation Personas to life, which allowed employees and customers to completely absorb the nuances of each persona.

We developed the idea of persona boxes, which contained personalised items such as working mobile phones with texts and social media profiles, to help to build a deeper persona experience. We created a unique Meerkats EX/CX game concept to facilitate employee and customer experience journey mapping.

As a space, the EX/CX hub is playful and educational with a unique, movable “flight centre” built from Lego. There are also purpose-built co-creation units, interactive graphical journeys and methodology boards, co-creation equipment storage, persona cards, game pieces and more.

Never be bored again.
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