Welcome to Meerkats.
We're not an ad agency.
We're an idea.

Coming to Meerkats might technically be described as appointing an ad agency, but our clients tell us it feels more like joining a kind of thought club. Its members are united around a powerful belief: that telling the truth to consumers and thinking harder to find the genuine value in your offering are the keys to a better kind of enduring business growth.

In a super-connected world where companies and brands are now transparent, truth is a smart business strategy. It lowers customer churn and staff burn. It decreases cost per sale, improves brand connection, delivers healthier profit margins and inspires new markets.

What you’ll discover working with Meerkats, however, is that truth can also be a way of life. A creed that makes doing business more human, more inspiring, more collaborative and way less boring.

Never be bored again.
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