There are three front doors at Meerkats.


Organisational strategy to create long term legacy and purpose alignment at all levels.

  • Purpose
  • Executive Legacy
  • Strategic Connection
  • Cultural Alignment
  • Employee Experience
  • Behavioral Engagement

These Kats are the changemakers. The storytellers. Painters of the biggest of the big pictures.

This team will dive deep inside your people, products and company history and help you find your true purpose; the authentic value your organisation brings into the world. Then we’ll create a business model that aligns your internal culture, customer service design, products and processes to that truth to unleash its commercial value.

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Depending on the size of your company it could take weeks or months. But the value can last for decades. This is not a matter of creating A Purpose for you. This is Your Purpose, a revolutionary business tool that transforms you from just another competitor in your sector, to a monopoly of authentic value. From a manufactured brand image that consumers doubt is real, to a powerhouse of human inspiration.

If your staff are just not connecting with your corporate mission. If your sales have been struggling. If you have become addicted to advertising, or are constantly reacting to innovative competitor activity, this is the team of strategists you want to meet.

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Re-imagining products, services and experiences that create incredible customer connections.

  • Customer Centricity
  • CXD Embedded Teams
  • CX Education & Training
  • Internal Innovation
  • Product, Service & UX Design
  • Co-creation/ Test Lab/ Co-Lab
  • Agile Collaboration
  • New Tech Development AI/Voice
  • Data & Disruption Insights
  • Platform Optimisation

The Transform process ends with the envisioning of a new business model for you based on the commercial potential of your newly-surfaced true purpose. The Innovate team takes that model and makes it real. Turns it into real-world actions that motivate real-world humans and trigger change in the real world.

No more theory, it’s time to get down to business with powerful new purpose-driven initiatives like:

  • A new internal culture that authentically motivates the
    humans working for you; as opposed to asking “staff” to
    merely get behind a new ad campaign or brand
    positioning (for some reason).

  • Market-making new products and service design that unleash the commercial power of your true purpose, and prove to your customers, potential customers, investors, staff and your industry at large that this is no mere brand rejuvenation. This is real world, actionable change.

  • The harnessing of new technology to create more intuitive transactional platforms, better customer experiences at the points of purchase, smarter product demonstrations, and more.

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These creative business solutions will be unlike most others you’re getting now from external experts. Our Innovate team won’t take a brief, go away for two weeks and then try and blow you away with an impressive PowerPoint presentation. We work with you, inside your organisation.

True Purpose is about liberating the commercial value that is lying dormant within your organisation; so that’s where we work to collaboratively create and implement our business ideas. We’re more like creative business coaches, than detached gurus.

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Intelligent communications and content that resonates with culture and the customer.

  • Strategic Brand Platform
  • Insights/Culture/ Trends
  • Branding & Design
  • Digital Marketing & Advertising
  • Experiences & Events
  • Campaign Planning
  • Meerkats Films
  • Content - words/film/photo
  • Topical Brand Engagement
  • Social Media Management

The third team at Meerkats is the biggest. And our role is easy to get your head around: just think of us as a funky, new-age ad agency. If Transform and Inspire sit just to the left of management consultants, Engage is bang in the middle of Madison Avenue.

And we mean the 21st century Madison Avenue; a lean, nimble group of young thinkers who are just as likely to be mad women as mad men. Business-aware creative thinkers who understand the new role that advertising has in the world: as an accelerant for the truth, not a replacement for it.

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These guys know that in an always-on world of smart and largely untrusting consumers, you can’t fake your way to enduring business growth. You’ve got to find the genuine value your organisation brings into the world (see above). Once you’ve done that, the Engage team will create distinctive brand platforms and memorable ad campaigns to amplify your purpose’s value and accelerate its uptake in society.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding & naming
  • Digital Marketing
  • TV/Radio/Press
  • Content Writing
  • Design Collateral
  • Photography
  • Content Filming
  • Data Insights & Trends
  • Campaign planning
  • Media planning
  • Social Media planning & Buying
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand Live Experiences
  • Branded Experiences
  • Events & Experiential
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Naturally, we prefer that our clients enter through the Transform door first. To us, everything an organisation does should be aligned to its true purpose. But we understand that not every company is in the right phase of their life cycle to spend the time and money it takes to surface a powerful purpose. So helping you with new product design, innovative service delivery or modern advertising can be our starting point together too.

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