We wrote the book on organisational purpose.

If you want to really understand Meerkats, buy this book. Or give us some contact info and we’ll post you a free signed copy.

“Truth. Growth. Repeat.” is the definitive explanation of why we believe in purpose and how we do it. It was written by Meerkats’ founder Mike Edmonds as a do-it-yourself purpose manual, with the sole intention of helping those businesses who cannot afford to contract a professional consulting firm like Meerkats; as in startups, small business, not for profits and charities.

It explains the Circle of True Purpose in detail and provides a huge number of real-world business studies to back up the thinking. There is also a DIY section featuring exercises to help business owners unlock their own true purpose and begin to align their business to it.

It’s not a replacement for the professional rigor that we bring to our paying clients, but it can really help small business owners tap into the power of our methods. And for CEOs and CMOs of large, established organisations, it’s a handy insight into the way we do business. Kind of like a more useful credentials document.

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