Culture as a proofpoint of value.

At Meerkats we describe ourselves as a humanist company.
We like to treat people fairly and kindly. Our recruiting strategy is “Nice & Talented”. That is, we don’t want employees who are lovely people but inept at their profession; but neither do we want superstar gurus who are total dicks.

We don’t kowtow to clients nor bully suppliers. We value disarming honesty over show-offy jargon. Senior staff genuinely listen to the opinions of juniors. Our execs don’t get the corner office and must arrive to meetings on time like everyone else.

And we do all these things not just because they are simple ways
we can all lead an honourable life. We do them because the opposite behaviours are barriers to our ability to deliver value for our clients.

Arrogance, fear, bullying, rigid process and overt corporate hierarchy stifle invention. They strangle original thought and hold
back human potential.

Many clients tell us that apart from the professional products and services we offer, it’s the way we run our own company that is most important to them. How we treat each other has a direct impact on how we treat our clients and the value we create together for their organisation.

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