We won't just rub a sore neck for you.

Any physiotherapist will massage a sore neck for you, but a really good one will be more interested in why your neck is sore in the first place.

So yes, as a funky new-age ad agency Meerkats will do advertising for you. All kinds of modern through-the-line ads and brand comms. Inventive, multi-channel, socially aware communications to boost sagging sales, rejuvenate bland brand meaning, accelerate the awareness of new products and services.

But what we love to do first is put our finger on the root cause of those recurring business problems. It’s why Meerkats started in the first place: to help clients obtain far more value from their brand communications by surfacing their organisation’s true purpose and aligning their business behaviour to it.

What we call “liberating the commercial value of authentic human motivation”.

For too long now, companies have sought strategic solutions from their consumer. Sophisticated research methods, big data and that irresistible pull of a competitor’s success have given companies critically low self-confidence. They find out what consumers want next and say “That’s what we’re making next too”. They find out what consumers believe and say “That’s what we believe too”.

The result is a business world addicted to sucking up to consumers. And boy, don’t we consumers know it. We’re rejecting expensive branded content before the 30 second film is even over. We’re cynically exposing brands for exaggerated product claims instantly and globally with a swipe of our fingers. We’re shaming entire organisations for the hypocritical misalignment of their publicly-stated motives and their obvious internal motives.

It’s time to find your organisation’s mojo. Your true value. That thing that only you guys understand about your consumer category. The products you believe the consumer needs; the ones you just know in your gut they will love and buy once they see them. The customer service design you believe serves peoples’ needs best; regardless of what the latest online omnibus survey says.

What is the authentic motive that is genuinely driving your business decisions? What is the sweetspot between what your organisation wants to prove and what consumers will buy? Meerkats will help you find that spot, enunciate it and align your business to it, from how you answer the phone, to how you fit out your stores, to what new products you invest in, to who you employ (and who you don’t) and all those CX’s and EX’s and SEO’s.

It’s a whole new kind of economic engine. A hybrid hydrogen-fuelled power source to take you decades into the future.

And yes, we’ll also stop your neck hurting. We’ll deliver a terrific sales spike for you against those pesky new competitors invading your most profitable markets. We’ll give your brand awareness a serious kick up the backside. We’ll improve the salience of your social media; the vigour of your employee culture; the accuracy of your programmatic online banners.

We can do all this while designing a pain-free long-term future for you. Because that’s what you get when a modern ad agency that started the same year as Facebook pursues the power of truth in this crazy, always-on world we all now live in.

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