• Cable Beach Club Destination Marketing

    Building an experience beyond the destination.

    Meerkats began working with Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa to help bring their brand positioning of ‘Creating Lasting Memories’ to life through their brand experience. Our first point of engagement was their workforce. With a high seasonal employee base from Australia, East Timor, Vanuatu and across Asia, the challenges of implementing brand messages clearly and consistently in a challenging physical environment were resulting in guest experiences not being optimised. Research told us that Cable Beach Resort and Spa was regarded as the ‘best in Broome’, yet many guests – especially those on their second or subsequent visit – didn’t even leave the resort. This meant the pulling-power of Broome or the Kimberley region couldn’t be relied upon for repeat sales. We had to provide an experience beyond the destination.

    The further you go, the closer you get.

    Our next step was to bring the new positioning to life in consumer communications. With renewed staff focus, refurbished product and refreshed environments, including the spa and menus, we focused on the human connection within the resort. We turned the fact people didn’t leave into a strength, and used the physical space to our advantage by highlighting the emotional space it created. Our campaign idea was ‘The further you go, the closer you get’, and featured families and couples discovering simple, wonderful things about each other that had been there all along.

    Reinvention from the inside-out.

    Two new, award-winning restaurant concepts were designed to live their brand values: to forge emotional connections between guests and the physical environment, and to create lasting memories through service that enhances connection and experience, through product quality and leadership. Concepts like grab-and-go breakfasts guests could take down to the beach enhanced traditional sitdown buffets, poolside menus were specifically designed around all day family grazing, and share plate, tapas-style eating brought new dimension to two or three course dinner offerings.

    A design process, built from the ground up.

    The existing branding and communications of Cable Beach Club Resort didn’t reflect its prime location on Broome’s iconic beach, and the diversity of its surroundings. We introduced an extended colour palette taken directly from the landscape, combined with Broome’s unique textures and patterns. Then, a suite of assets was created to complement the resort’s diverse offering, which assisted in the narrative of the brand communications prior to booking. These visual assets, along with a new lifestyle photography suite, also informed the design direction of each restaurant offering at the resort.

    Using the inspiration we gathered from the surrounds, textures and colour palettes, we developed a brand architecture for Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa consisting of three layers: core, expression and exploratory.

    Cichetti Bar
    Cichetti coasters

    Results that speak for themselves.

    Our campaign resulted in 72% year-on-year sales growth from tactical activity. Room revenue was up 20% on the previous year, and Perth and Melbourne – the two markets targeted by campaign activity – generated 80% of the booking statistics.

    More importantly, Cable Beach Club and Spa understood the value of brand positioning. Brand experience starts from the inside and requires a sound strategy, commitment to stakeholder and employee engagement, consumer experiences in digital, social and traditional channels, and ultimately resort bookings, to stack up to the brand’s promise.

    By balancing their budget across a long-term, consistent and consolidated view, the resort continues to build toward a perpetually fresh brand experience. This experience is resulting in positive guest sentiment, stable staffing turnover and costs, higher occupation rates and increased on-site spend from guests. It has also made tactical activity more potent and more cost effective to produce.

    Kichi Kichi Menu
    Kichi Kichi Bar

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