St John Life Goes On

Transforming a First Aid business into the future of healthcare.

St John had spent recent years with a disparate brand, disengaged employee and customer groups, and a fluctuating approach to marketing. They had also started to ask themselves, “Who do we want to become?”. To find the answer, they knew they needed a partner who had a track record of helping brands transform from the inside-out. That’s where we came in. We began by framing a strategic vision and creating a new brand platform.

Strategic vision.

“To re-frame our perceived value from a reactive health organisation to a proactive health innovator, in order to gain the respect, funding and community support we need to better serve humanity. We’re not waiting for you to get sick or need first aid. We are building capacity, improving technology, innovating service, striving, pushing, creating and evolving the way health care is delivered to strengthen our community.”

Launching a new Brand Platform.

The outcome of our consulting work, the EX and CX workshops and the post-workshop strategic thinking was the new St John brand platform. A platform that would help shift the brand in the minds of their employees and customers and give St John a long-term vehicle for all of their internal and external communications.

“Forging the frontline of health care in our community”.

Frank took the bins out

Bringing the Platform to life.

A two-day event launched the platform. More than 2000 employees and suppliers gathered at the Perth Convention Centre. A conference-style format showcased equipment, future technology and interactive displays, and was the perfect stage to deliver this exciting new direction.

Testing the customer appetite.

We needed the creative territory to shift St John’s market perception from a provider of first aid and ambulance services to forging the front line of health care in our community. The result of the research clearly showed support for the new creative platform: St John - Life Goes On.


Branding, Marketing, Advertising. And so much more.

We were tasked with creating a number of deliverables from different teams across the business. The first of these was to bring the new creative territory to life. This revolved around an emotive brand campaign (broadcast, social and digital) that reframed St John from an emergency service to a health service for everyday life.

The Life Goes On launch campaign included film content for TV and cinema, online video, social canvas and Facebook carousels, branded social content, press, mobile app design and a new St John website structure.

In addition to the launch campaign, we also developed a completely updated identity and set of branding guidelines. The refreshed brand appears across all marketing collateral, internal communications, online, first aid kits, and visual merchandising. Many have of these have fed into the St John business-as-usual collateral which we’re rolling out regularly.

Phase two of the Life Goes On campaign moved into direct tactical marketing. The work informed the people of WA about the breadth of services on offer from St John, including their Medical and Dental centres, the St John First Responder App and Urgent Care centres.

Creating work that works.

We believe that a robust brand platform should affect all aspects of a business, from employee experience to consumer engagement. Our ability to measure success began way back in the planning phase, with the Marketing Objectives Workshop. In identifying potential ‘headspace shifts’, measurement opportunities and setting firm KPIs with the St John team, we were able to create quantitative pre-tests, which will deploy second and third waves for mid- and post-campaign.

Internal metrics, including call volumes, employee engagement, website traffic and volunteer take-up are also being tracked against this work for the long term. This methodology allows us to measure success against more than just awareness and sales to drive a more effective outcome.

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